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MFBYGCDC sincerely hopes that you will be satisfied with your new purchase. However, if you need to return the product, we will do our best to assist.
If the arrived goods are "defective, dirty, etc.", we will provide you with corresponding services such as replacement as soon as possible.
Seven-day appreciation period calculation (including holidays): The appreciation period is not a trial period, please keep the products and gifts in new condition, and do not remove the original packaging tags. In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to make a video when unpacking, and keep the shipping order paper. If the above information is not available, it will not be accepted.
"For non-matching and defective products, only one return (exchange) service is provided for each order!

1. The integrity of the returned product must be maintained (the tag has not been removed, the product has not been damaged, and it has not been washed in water)
2. Contact our store service via WhatsApp or Email: to raise your request.
3. Send the goods back to our Flagship Store, including the tracking bill attached to the parcel upon delivery. (The freight for this section is borne by customer)
4. After we receive the product and check it correctly, we will help you send the replacement product! (We will bear the freight for this section, and only one return (exchange) service will be provided for each order)
5. Receive an item that fits your size.
*Please note that returns and exchanges cannot be accepted in the following cases

- More than seven days appreciation period.
- According to the Consumer Protection Law, personal clothing (underwear, pajamas, socks, swimwear, Bra Top, etc.) and accessories (earrings, ear pins, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.) and masks are personal hygiene products, so unpacked There is no appreciation period and no return or exchange is accepted based on the principle of personal hygiene
- Clothes with obvious perfume, smoke and other smells, stained with foundation, lipstick, commodity hangtags removed, put into the water, scratched and damaged accessories, and other signs of use, are not in the category of defects in the international inspection standards, and cannot be regarded as defects. Apply for a defective return.
- Returns and exchanges are not accepted for overseas delivery. Because overseas delivery is more cumbersome, return and exchange services are not accepted for overseas delivery. We will carefully check and pack before shipment, so please rest assured to order.
- The dimensions of the products are all measured manually. Due to factors such as different batches of shipments, materials, etc., the size measurement error of the actual product is ±2cm, which is a normal range.
- The color rendering of each computer and mobile phone is different, there may be some color difference problems, please consider placing an order.
- Thread ends, slightly loose threads, unbuttoned buttons, indentations on clothes, and mixed threads are all normal phenomena.